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Sunday School is a Bible Study.

Looking to take the next step? Joining a Bible Study would be a great place to start. Each class provides a great opportunity to dig deeper into Scripture and to build meaningful relationships. Classes are offered at 10:00am. Every Sunday before Bible Study, coffee and donuts are available.

Children K-5 and under in the Nursery Bldg.

*Teacher: Ms. Liz Ramirez

Children 1st-3rd grade in the S.S. Bldg

*Teacher: Mrs. Betty Kennard

Children 4th-6th grade in the S.S. Bldg

*Teacher: Mrs. Marie Mendoza

Youth 7th to 12 grade in the S.S. Bldg

*Teacher: Pastor Jacob Mendoza

 Adults in the S.S. Bldg

*Teacher: Aaron Merrick