Ethel Higginbotham with the Lord

Former member and long-time friend of Helmers Street Baptist Church Ethel Higginbotham passed to her eternal reward Thursday. Pray for the family, who will miss her dearly, but see her again when Jesus comes back to rapture his church.



More information and many pictures celebrating her life and family can be found in her obituary at Be sure to click on the View Photos Gallery link on that page.


Sunday School Anniversary

Notice the date on the door is today, June 29th, but many years ago. The building Mrs. Mitchell is pictured standing in front of is long gone, but the Sunday School is active today and studying the Word of God. Today we are looking at Jacob’s ladder, and attempting to get a sense of the reverence he ended up having towards “the house of God, the gate of heaven”. Won’t you join us?

Helmers Street Past0024 Mrs. Mitchell