Distribution2How the Funds will be Distributed

In the interest of making the most effective impact in the lives of our Houston neighbors who are recovering from the effects of Harvey, we’ve developed the following breakdown for how the funds will be distributed:

5% – Fees – to cover the nonnegotiable fees associated with PayPal business transfers

20% – Immediate needs – such as transportation costs (gas/metro), food, or clothing costs. Our Angels Closet ministry offers food and clothing. As good stewards of this ministry, we anticipate an increased demand of these resources. As a result, we hope to use 20% of funds received in our Harvey Fund to help make sure the resources are available.

75% – Housing contributions – including building materials, rent/utility relief, or other shelter-related costs (i.e. provision of short-term shelter not otherwise covered by government funds). We feel that the majority of families will need help with shelter and rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. As a result, we plan to dedicate 3/4 of funds received to help with housing needs