JULY 7, 2019

Helmers Street Baptist Church

7721 Helmers St

Houston Tx 77022

JULY 7 , 2019

Thank You for joining us today
  • Independent, fundamental, Bible Believing, Evangelistic
  • Office Phone #713 692 8281   Pastors #  832 964 4199
  • Burdens are lifted at Calvary     218
  • Worship with tithes and offerings
  • Onward Christian Soldiers   181
  • Scripture Reading   475
  • Salt and Light   32
  • In my heart there rings a melody   455
  • Sermon by Pastor Jacob Mendoza    Getting my goals and priorities lined up with His plan.  He wants to my maturity and character to line up with His word.  Luke 12:1-8  Don’t be ashamed to acknowledge Him before men.  Revelations 2–don’t loose our first love
  • Invitation
  • Sunday School Salt of the earth and light of the world
  • Wednesday night Bible Study   Understanding the devils character
  • Just imagine: above the noise of the fourth of July celebration the sound of all heaven rejoicing over lost soul  getting saved.
  • JULY 13  Youth Rally at Helmers Street Baptist Church
  • July 21 Goodbye luncheon for Alex and Helen
  • July 29-Aig 3  Youth go to camp
  • Aug 26-27  Discipleship training at Arise Baptist Church
  • Mon 10a-7p  Tues 8a-3p






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