The Fear of the Lord

In Proverbs chapter 2 we have a picture of a believer that will do what it takes to stay in the “fear of the Lord.”

Many years ago I remember making a decision that altered the course of my life for God. I had to choose if I was going to take a course that wasn’t in the “fear of the Lord” or would I make Jesus the Lord of my life. I clearly had a changed life after receiving Jesus as my Savior! So, I decided to make the Lord my all in all, and by His power and promises I have not looked back!

Will you too make Jesus the Lord of all and follow Him with the “fear of the Lord”?



One thought on “The Fear of the Lord

  1. I like that you said, “By his power and his promises.” If I believe he has the power, I can believe he can and will keep his promises.


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