The wages of sin

“The wages of sin is death” Romans 6:23a

“Wait!” say those who know this verse, “finish the verse!” But the truth is that the second part of this verse, which we will memorize another day, is not relevant until we agree with the truth of the first part of this verse.

When I work at my job, I deserve to get paid. I get paid my wages. It would be (and sometimes it happens) very unjust to work and not get paid. I’ve had that happen to me, have you? Usually I really want my wages. I deserve them, and I did good work to get them.

But not everything we do is good, and when we do bad, when we sin, we also deserve something for that. This verse says that the wages of sin is death. That because we sin, we deserve to die. Think of that! Every sin a capital crime! Does that sound harsh to you? If it does, you might not have a clear picture of how our Creator made us in his own likeness, and even though we are each of us sinners, wants to make us again in his own likeness, and is so deeply grieved when we reject him. And that is what sin is. Every time we decide to do something wrong, no matter how small, we are rejecting him who loves us so much.

Sin is a terrible thing. And we treat it so lightly. Its wage is death. Run to the Savior who is able and willing in mercy to shield you from the wages of sin. No longer delay, do it today!


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